Code of Ethical Conduct

Ethical conduct encompasses a wide range of actions, attitudes, words and deeds. Compliance with the company’s Code of Ethical Conduct contributes to a positive and fruitful atmosphere in the workplace and dictates the nature of all contact with external parties - customers, suppliers, decision makers and government officials.

Comprehensive standard operating procedures are laid out and detailed, and encompass relations with patients, customers, the medical community, suppliers & government officials, as well as medical staff and decision makers in the health sector. Procedures are in place and enforced regarding compliance with Ministry of Health and partner inspections, as well to ensure occupational safety to maintain a safe and healthy workplace and protect the environment. The standards of procedures also include operational issues such as data security and privacy, media relations, conflicts of interest and reporting.

All employees participate in bi-annual internal training, including thorough testing, as well as training mandated by partners. Monthly meetings of the Compliance Committee ensure that the Code of Ethical Conduct is always up-to-date and lays the foundation for proper enforcement and risk management.